B Division


Hi Team,
I am getting on to it early this year so we are prepared. The B Division club championships are a little over a month away, Saturday the 3rd of March. This year I believe we are a good chance to win it. I wanted to flag its approach so we can put up our best show as a club, both in competitiveness and the supreme team spirit we possess.
First of all, please make sure you are available for the meet. The club has supported all the swimmers growth and development, so it is time to get behind each other and show our strength as a team. The meet is on Saturday morning and will be done by lunch.
Another thing the swimmers need to think about is what the clubs theme will be this year and what song we will march out to. Give your suggestions to our club captains Nic and Josh. I am hoping every club member will participate in the march past regardless of whether you get the call up to race or not. We want to be the loudest team there!
TH on 3